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Zoran’s Dream Book

For thousands of years, dreams have interested, puzzled, and even frightened people. People thought that the figures appearing in dreams were messengers from the gods and that special kinds of dreams could only be interpreted by persons with special skills such as soothsayers, fortune tellers, and Mystics. In the Talmud, the book of Hebrew philosophy, it is said that “a dream not interpreted is like a letter to the self unread.” The Bible, in addition to other great historical books, indicate a basic and substantial belief in dreams. Historically famous individuals such as Plato, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth, Sigmund Freud, and Michael Nostradamus assigned value to dreams early on in their lifetimes.

Aristotle, among others, believed dreams could foretell the future. Joan of Arc, for example, predicted her death as she saw in her dreams.

Today psychologists have spent a great deal of time and money on dream research to discover the hidden meanings behind dreams. They have discovered that dreams are the key to the sixth sense or extra sensory perception as it is commonly called. Studies have proved that everyone has this sixth sense to some degree, some more than others.

Proper interpretation of your dreams can hold the key to the future of success and wealth.

Your sixth sense maybe in tact, we hope you enjoy reading “Zoran’s Lucky Lottery Dream Book” and may all your dreams come true.